Futupack – Future-proof package design

Sustainable, innovative, and 
future-proof packaging, here and now!


Futupack is a design firm specialising in package design. We see packaging as an integral part of the product and its story and understand the importance of the package throughout the value chain.

We are often included in the design process already while the product itself is still being designed. We consider it important to get a good understanding of the desired brand identity early on and think about how the package will support the overall story of the product – naturally including in our design the other basic demands for the packaging, such as durability and sustainability.


Ecological values are at the front and centre of our package design at all times. When designing a packaging concept, we consider the materials needed, sustainability of production, as well as the usability and recycling of the package. The right choice of materials creates a strong foundation for the next design steps.

When designing the package itself, we create the form and structure as well as the graphic style. We want to make sure that the functionality and performance of the package is up to par in all areas.

We strongly believe in circular economy and wish to promote packaging solutions that do good for our planet.

Our network

The world keeps changing ever faster. We at Futupack are well aware that we cannot be the experts of everything, which is why we constantly work together with universities, material and packaging manufacturers, design firms, brand owners, and research facilities to provide you the best possible service.

Production of packaging

We cooperate with different packaging manufacturers all over the world. It’s important to us to find the right partner for each packaging solution. We aim for a “win-win-win” situation every time! In these situations, the brand owner, the package manufacturer and the designer each get to share their expertise.