Comprehensive and responsible package design

Invest in your product –
invest in a well-designed package!

Concept design makes your ideas come to life

Do you have a good idea but don’t quite know where to start? We can help you move forward with your idea. We offer:

  • Package and concept design
  • Brand concept know-how
  • Technical drawings for the packaging
  • 3D visualization
  • Graphic design
  • Packaging prototype manufacturing
  • Understanding of trends
  • Product development

Good packaging design makes your product shine

The unique identity of the product and its packaging are the result of a good idea combined with professional design. The look and feel used in the packaging along with memorable details will make an impression on the consumer, reinforcing brand loyalty.

Visual design brings your packaging to life

The visual design of the packaging can greatly affect the consumer image of the product itself. Good visual appearance can help the product stand out from its competitors and increase brand loyalty. It is important that the visual design of the packaging is in line with the general brand identity and all other marketing aspects of the packaged product. At its best, packaging can be the factor that creates the unforgettable image of the product on the consumer’s mind. Well-executed package design takes into account for example the colour synergy of the product and the packaging as well as the design language and environment. All of the small things matter: typography, colours, special effects, logo design, where the package is sold, and so on. Good visual planning creates a strong foundation for the graphics.

Prototype helps you visualise the outcome

A packaging prototype gives you a concrete example of the design. We want our give our clients the look and feel of the designed package before it is mass-produced. The prototypes can be manufactured all through the packaging design process. This helps you ensure that the design is going in the right direction. It is important to get a real understanding of the visuals designed as well as the performance of the packaging throughout the value chain. With the help of the packaging prototypes, we can test the durability of the packaging in the delivery chain, test and plan in-store product placement, do consumer research, plan the efficiency of the packing process, et cetera.

Product development

For us, product development is more than just any individual project. Even though our work is project-based, we see product development as a journey of continuous learning. We see the playing field of product development as a puzzle: the demands on the quality of the final product, the timeline, the readiness of the technology – we piece it all together! We actively participate in the research and development process of our clients. Our knowledge on visual and technical design, aesthetics, and different technologies helps our team bring together all the needed parts to ensure the best possible outcome. We cooperate constantly with different packaging material suppliers, technological companies, and experts in different fields.

We can help you with

  • Packaging automation
  • Efficient packing processes
  • Material development
  • New technologies

Structural design supports brand image and values

Structural design forms the basis for the performance of the packaging. A technically well-designed package functions well throughout the value chain. Good structural design can reduce manufacturing costs, increase durability, reduce the amount of material needed, enhance usability, ensure efficient packing, and make sure the packaging can be disposed of in a sustainable way.

Graphic design adds the final touch

Graphic design is the step where the chosen visual strategy is brought to life. Good graphic design considers all technical details of the packaging to ensure that the final product, the printed package, is exactly as desired. As part of the graphic design, we select a printing method that best highlights the product in question. When selecting the printing method, we factor in the packaging material, visual appearance, and quantity. Well planned and executed graphic design helps bring down production costs, maximize printing quality, and speed up the supply chain.